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At the end of my bed is a small trunk. It is mainly there as a step to make it easier for the kitties to get up on the bed. It does have wheels on it, but I have it secured by several doorstops. Several times now I have found the trunk halfway across the room, the victim of cat sliding games.

Most cats are fairly photogenic. It is as though they know, ooh mom's pointing her phone my way. "It's picture time, quick stretch and look superior."

They seem to position themselves for the best look; sprawled out on a vivid colored throw, sitting wisely in a window, frisking about with the other household pets. "Wait, let me turn so you get my fluffy side."

These unique creatures seem to have

a built in schedule. Can't sleep? Get

up to work from home? Automatically

feed the cat? The cat will be waking

you up at that time for a long time to

eat. In their mind, a new schedule has been put in place.

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Cats are such amusing animals. One time I was in the closet moving stuff around. I had the door almost shut because I

was retrieving stuff stuck behind there. All of a sudden a bottle cap came shooting under the closet door. I peeked out just in time to see my big ragdoll cat scooting away. I swear she was giggling.

My sister had a similiar experience when she was writing on her computer. She was typing away and then paused to think of her next sentence. A paw shot out and clicked the mouse and the whole screen changed. The kitty was up inside the desk and was quite proud of herself for being so sly.

​Some cats take care of mice, bugs, and birds (unfortunately). While others have a much more couch potato attitude towards other creatures, "eh, my mom will take care of it". They say that cats are solitary hunters, but ever since I have had 2 cats, I notice they hunt together in sort of a prearranged formation. It freaks the dog out.

​​​​The house cat is playful, loving, sometimes mysterious, always graceful, beautiful, and hungry. I have been owned by many cats throughout my life, and some dogs. I love them all, but this website is for the kitties.

This is a website with a growing number of info and stories. There are many affiliate links on this site, in order to put catfood in the bowl and cat treats on my desk.

Some people love house decor and clothing with cat pictures on them. Some like cat and kitten posters and cards. Everyone will love Cat Stuff Shop cat picture t-shirts, pillows, perches, kitty litter options and info. 

​There are 70+ cat breeds world wide. Various organizations have set different standards for certain breeds. Plus there are mixed breed cats, barn cats and feral cats. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There are a lot of cat lovers and a lot of businesses that have cats. Hope you are one of them.​