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Calico Cats

Everyone has a favorite breed of cat. For some it is a mixed breed cat; a gray tabby, orange striped cat, or a calico. For others, they want a purebred cat. Some care about papers, others don't. Some want the cat to match their house decor. Then, of course, when the decor changes so must the cat. I am not fond of this type of thinking. To me a cat is a friend until someone dies. They provide companionship when you are ill, comfort when you are depressed, and playful enthusiasm when you are bored.

We once had a calico cat. She was so cute, the minute the doorbell rang, she headed for the front door. She took her job as hostess very seriously.

She also took law and order seriously too. My sister and her hubby were trying to put one of their cats into a carrier to go to the vet. The kitty did not want to go in there. She was having a tantrum, being loud and using her claws. The calico cat jumped up on table and boxed the kitty's ears. Tantrum resolved, the kitty went into the crate, and the calico cat got into her kitty bed to have a bath. Law was laid down and order was resumed.

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Calico cats that aren't spayed can create a lot of kittens. For some reason, a calico cat is almost always female. There are a lot of kitties in the world that aren't well cared for or don't have homes. Have yours spayed (or neutered). Cats are wonderful but overpopulation leads to problems.

Calicos are sometimes referred to as tortoiseshell-and-white cats. This isn't a breed but a color of the fur pattern. Usually a lot of white with some patches of black and orange. The fur can be long or short.

This color pattern is usually only seen in the manx, american shorthair, british shorthair, persian, japanese bobtail, exotic shorthair, siberian, maine coon, or turkish van breeds.