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Your cat is talking to you without even making a sound. Cat body language can be interpreted just like human body language. Cat talk is very simple and revolves around basic things such as food, love, play, etc.

Cat talk terms


Cat raises tail when walking towards you.

Pet me

Cat rolls around on the floor with its tummy up.

You are pissing me off                 

Cat jerks tail back and forth, looks at you with slitty eyes. Could

be followed by hissing and/or a mean meow.

Feed me

Meowing, purring, twisting around your legs, and generally bugging you until you turn towards their bowl. This is followed by them scurrying in front of you.

This is mine

Rubbing up against you, the dog, or an object, usually head first. There are glands in the cat face that produce a chemical that is distributed to things they rub their head on. It tells other cats "this is mine".

Let's play
  • The minute you move, the kitty crouches down and hides behind something that isn't large enough to cover them, eyes shining.
  • Brings their toy to you.

I love you
  • A slow blink while looking at you.
  • Bringing you a toy, a mouse, something they found.
  • Sitting on you and purring.


I want to be underneath this blanket

Cat pats the blanket and then looks at you. The trick is to

raise the blanket so the cat can go underneath while the

cat is standing on it, patting. They don't understand the

concept of move, I'll raise the blanket, and then you will get

to go underneath.

Come along now

Mother cats make a small sound to call their kittens. This is called trilling. It is 3-5 variations in a 3 second meow. Kind of like me me me.

With the "me" being the beginning sound of a meow. My youngest cat, who has never had kittens, uses that sound for "get up and feed me".


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