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Cats love to look out of the window, at birds or bunnies or whirling leaves, most anything. Cat window perches are a great way to entertain your cat without taking up floor space. This is a good thing if your room is small,  you live in an apartment, or you just want them to stay off of your furniture.

A couple of things to do before purchasing one 1) check out how the perch and the window coverings are going to interact. Both when the window covering is open and when it is closed. 2) Weigh your cat and see if the window perch can hold that weight of cat safely. If you have more than one cat, make sure the new perch will hold both of them. 3) Make sure you have the tools needed to install it. 4) Check to make sure that the cat has safe access to the perch going up or coming down. 

Once it is installed, let your kitty explore and find their new perch. They will need to sniff and look it over before settling in.

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